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Best Add-on Solutions For Your Dedicated Server

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The competition level among different web hosting services is extremely high. This is why most hosting providers strive to offer complete hosting solutions to enhance their clients ‘ hosting experience. However, different clients have different hosting requirements and needs, which is where add-on solutions can be beneficial. 

Hosting providers offer different add-on solutions to fit the specific hosting needs of their clientele. In this article, we will explore some add-on solutions available for dedicated server hosting

Best Add-On Solutions For Your Dedicated Server

Below are some of the best dedicated server hosting add-on solutions you should consider. 

Control Panel Add-ons

No matter which control panel (cPanel, Plesk, sPanel, etc) you have chosen to manage your dedicated server, with the right add-ons, you can efficiently elevate its performance. Let’s discuss some of these control panel add-ons in detail.

  • Having backup tools is vital when it comes to running a website. It is important to regularly back up your website as it limits the risk of data loss. Losing valuable and sensitive data can harm your website’s reputation.

Backup tools allow you to quickly back up and restore your website’s data. Therefore,     when you host a website, you must include backup tools in your control panel.

  • Softaculous is a one-click software installer that can be a compelling and valuable add-on solution for your control panel. Regardless of your technical expertise and knowledge, this tool offers the benefit of easy configurations.
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network) tools can enhance your website’s availability and performance. Some CDN solutions even offer WAF (Web Application Firewalls), DDoS protection, and more.  

Security Add-ons

While managing dedicated server hosting in India, it is essential to have the highest level of security to prevent cyberattacks. Let’s look at some security add-on solutions to enhance your website’s cybersecurity.

  • SShield can prevent and detect most web attacks before they cause too much damage to your website. In case of any web attacks, SShield immediately notifies the website owner and provides helpful advice on ways to solve technical issues. 
  • DDoS (Distributed Denial Of Service) prevention solutions are vital for a dedicated server. Dedicated server hosting with DDoS protection ensures that all the fake traffic overflooding your website is effectively brought down. DDoS attacks can last weeks, therefore, it is essential to have a DDoS-protected dedicated server.
  • Firewalls can be useful for protecting against malware and other malicious activities. They track and inspect all incoming traffic before it is allowed to access your website.  

Management and Admin Add-ons

If you manage a dedicated server, some management and add-on solutions can be handy. Let’s look at some management and admin add-on services.

  • Integrating monitoring services in your dedicated server hosting plan can be very beneficial. There are several aspects of a dedicated server that require monitoring. 

These aspects include system resource consumption, visitor analytics, server health and web traffic.

  • Professional support is essential when solving server-related problems. A professional support team can help you find faster and more efficient solutions for any technical issues related to your dedicated server.

To Wrap It Up

The best dedicated server hosting in India can include several other add-on solutions, such as application, software, and additional resource add-ons. Before opting for any add-on solution, it is essential that you determine your website requirements first. Then, choose which add-on solution will be best suited for your dedicated server.

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